Game Artist / London, U.K

Greetings from RRFreelance,

I am a Freelance technical artist who makes shaders, tools, 3D models and assets for the marketplaces. I work with Unreal Engine, Unity, Gamemaker and I have a broad knowledge base of 2D and 3D production pipelines and can work as a team leader for any projects you may have.

Hair Strand Designer

In 2019 I was developing my model of a character for a game and got to the crucial point of making hair, now, hair textures are one thing, but actually making those hair cards flow nicely is very labour intensive. Initially I found a few tutorials to help but only ran into some issues here and there, so I decided to put my coding knowledge to good practice to make Hair Strand Designer, a quick and easy way to make simple but effective hair textures!

I am working on Hair Strand Designer 2

That's how successful this tool has been, so much that all the features people are asking me to add requires a complete redesign and a rethink! I have already begun working on the prototype for HSD2, however, this will be getting completely re-developed using Unreal Engine and initial tests have begun. Expect an update later in the year!

You can help me out by purchasing the current version here: 


There is also some assets and other tools I am working on such as BlitPaint!
Blitpaint is the ultimate tool for making sprite-based paintings and also converting

images to C64 style for release on that old but much loved machine!

For more of my works and artwork, check out my selection on Artstation


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Robert Ramsay

Game Artist / London, U.K

Phone: (+44) 780 335 0984

Address: 61 High Road, Broxbourne.

Email: me@robertramsay.co.uk