From time to time, customers will review Assets with more of a bug or issue, I ask now that you check here for common things that may arise.







Q.      I bought an asset pack that shows purple materials


When this happens, support in that particular version of Unity you are using may not be there anymore, I might have to do an update for you specific to the version of Unity you are using. Please email me here: me@robertramsay.co,uk with your issue.


Q.      I want to make a game with your assets but they dont quite match the style I am going for


I give 100% of my time to people who buy my assets, I'd be happy to make the alterations to textures, meshes and shaders to suit your project.


Q.      What if I need more things for my project?


I can provide my time to you at $40/hour if you are indie/hobby.

If you are a student I cannot provide assets, only training at $25/hour.


Q.      Do you work for hire?


Yes, I can provide a package deal for you based on deliverables or a day rate depending on your company experience.


2 Successful games $220/day

3 Successful games $240/day

3+ Successful games $260/day


Anything Else please get in touch.


Q.      Refunds?


If you bought one of my packs and don't like it or regret spending your money on it, I can raise a refund issue with Unity and you will get your money back. If you decide to use any of my packs after a refund I will ask that you re-release funds back to me at your convenience.


Q.      Updates?


Most packs will be updated as I see fit, but if you feel a pack isn't quite up to date let me know. I'm likely to respond within 24 hours.