Game Artist / London, U.K

Roadmap for RRFreelance 2018-2020



Present - End 2018


1)   Updating Existing Asset Packs and Asset store Presence 


2)   Ultra Shader 2.0 - Featuring Tri-Planar Grunge for Local and World Space mixing


3)   Props and Environments for Office and Business People (to go with Low poly buiness people)


4)   Blood Dripping Shader - To go with Blood Decal meshes, Blood Drop-splat


5)   Fantasy World Props - Exotique , This will feature lush stylised Fantasy Environment Art of 

      Trees, Foliage and Artifacts, Props, creatures and so on. Ideal for Fantasy story telling



After 2019 We will be only maintinging and updating as we will be growing into a different form known as PixelBurner which will be a studio for producing Assets for Games as well as Producing Story and Content Rich Games and Experiences for Console, Mobile, VR/AR/XR and PC.



Latest Work:


PENDING REVIEW: Updated First Person Hands with Gloves (Animated) - Featuring New textures


PENDING REVIEW: Low Poly Business People. Ideal for Previs Environments. Randomly mixed.



Robert Ramsay

Game Artist / London, U.K

Phone: (+44) 780 335 0984

Address: 61 High Road, Broxbourne.